Tumbling Kids/Acrobatics

Tumbling helps to gain strength, flexibility, and coordination that will in turn complement dance skills. The student will learn how to do cartwheels, front rolls, handstands and walkovers, and for the more advanced student, backflips and handsprings

– Attire: Girls= Leotard and footless/convertible tights, and bare feet; Boys=Fitted shirt, shorts, and bare feet.


Ballet is best known for its unique features and techniques, such as turn-out of the legs, and high extensions. Ballet consists of graceful, flowing, precise movements and body positions. Ballet is the essential foundation for all other disciplines of dance.

– Attire: Girls= Leotard, tights, pink ballet shoes; hair in a bun. Boys= Fitted shirt, black dance pants, black ballet shoes. Requires pink full soled ballet shoes for girls ages 12 and under, and split sole pink ballet shoes for age 13 & up.


This class is full of up-to-date music combined with rhythmic dance. The kids will learn how to follow music with new hip “MTV” style dance moves. Previous hip-hop dance experience is required. Particular attention is made for age-appropriate music and movement.

– Attire: Comfortable shirt and black dance sneakers. Pants are required for floor work. Any ALL black sneaker is required.


Jazz dance places its foundation in ballet. Jazz dance involves isolation technique that means training the centers of movement independently from one another. This dance style develops coordination and articulation of body parts; such as the head, shoulders, ribcage, arms, pelvis, legs and feet.

– Attire: Girls= Leotard and tights of any color, tan jazz shoes; Boys: Fitted shirt, dance pants/shorts, and black jazz shoes.


This style is a combination of jazz and ballet where the dancer(s) try to convey the meaning of the lyrics in a song. The movements are often more literal than in a modern/contemporary piece. Students are encouraged to take ballet classes to better understand and execute the steps properly.

– Attire: Girls= Leotard and footless/convertible tights of any color, FootUndeez (matched to skin tone); Boys= Fitted shirt, dance pants, FootUndeez (matched to skin tone) or Lyrical half soles.

Musical Theatre

This class offers dancing, acting with dialogue and singing. It is a fun class that is offered to a variety of ages. The class is based off Broadway musicals. This class helps students, particularly the younger dancers, to start breaking out of their shell.

– Attire: Comfortable clothing, tan jazz shoes for girls and black jazz shoes for boys.


The art of ballet where dancers appear fluid and light while “en pointe.” *The teacher decides when a student is ready, generally around age 12, with a couple of consecutive years of ballet technique. Students are not encouraged to put on pointe shoes until their ankles are strong, have a solid core, and demonstrate good body awareness. The teacher will assess the readiness of the student if they show a desire to go en pointe. Pointe class will teach the student the proper practice of caring for their feet, how to stand correctly in pointe shoes, and the proper placement of their ankles.

*A student will not be placed in the Pointe class if they are physically and mentally not strong enough for this vigorous art form. This is strictly for the safety of the student.

– Attire: Girls= Leotard, pink tights, professionally fitted pink pointe shoes; hair in a bun.


Tap is a style of dance that is energetic, fun and without doubt, an entertaining art form. Students will learn to make various sounds with the tap shoes to create simple to advanced rhythms. They will develop the art of telling a story with their feet.

– Attire: Girls= Leotard and tights of any color, tan buckle tap shoes; Boys= Comfortable shirt, dance pants/shorts and black tap shoes.